Marie Agger live at Dudes

Fredag d. 23. november 21:00

Marie Agger is a singer/songwriter from Denmark. She has her own unique style of singing and is influenced mainly by soul, jazz and funk.

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Darts at Dudes!

Søndag d. 25. november 13:00

We welcome you to come and play some social darts at Dudes. Grab one of our great craft beers and have a laugh at the oche. It's our fourth time arranging dart tournaments and we try to get better all the time. One of the things we'll do from now on is having a regular dart board to use anytime around. Another thing is a plan to start a ranking tournament with prizes from Sunday 25th we'll set up a Grand Slam of Darts format. A group phase followed by knock out games. A fun way to play a lot of dart even if you get to the final or end last in the group phase.

We open the dart boards around 13:00 and the tournament will start around 14:00 or when we're enough participants.

Let's play darts!


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